Top Tips On Living Frugally

Top tips on how to live frugally

There are many advantages to living frugally. Some people have to because of financial reasons whereas others choose to live frugally for other reasons. There are some easy ways that you can achieve a frugal lifestyle and here’s some top money saving tips for you to live a frugal life too.

Read on for my top tips on living frugally to save money every month.

Buy Second Hand

There can be a lot of snobbiness about buying second hand but not only is it a great way of living frugally but it can also be good for the environment too. You can often get high-quality goods at a really reduced price just by buying them second hand. They are usually barely used too! Why pay the full cost when you can get a bargain and put that extra bit of money that you would have spent back into your pocket?

Utilise Sales

If you do need to buy something – and it cannot be bought secondhand, look out for sales so that you never have to pay full price. Many brands offer sales and discounts all year round so you will usually find a pretty good deal if you look for it.

Always Compare Your Bills

Don’t just automatically renew when it comes to your utilities, your energy or your insurance products. You will often find that the price you are paying shoots up. Shop around and do some comparisons before opting for a provider. Changes in age or circumstance can often lead to premiums being put up but you can almost always find a better premium if you take the time to look.

Repurpose Your Old Items

Have you ever considered repurposing your old items? You may be happy to buy other peoples old items second hand but many people are quick to get rid of things if they deem them no longer useful. However many items can be reused and even repurposed to further their use within your home – old clothes make great cleaning rags, offcuts of wood from DIY projects can be turned into something else. All it requires is a little bit of inspiration and determination.


Some people really hate doing this but it can often have its advantages. Sometimes there is room to haggle so if you really want something, discuss it with the person selling and see if you can come to an arrangement.

This obviously won’t work in shops that are part of a chain but independents and market stalls may be more likely to consider your offer.

Sign Up To Reward Schemes

Many supermarkets have their own reward schemes, giving you points for shopping with them that can be used against future shopping or family experiences. This is a great way to live frugally as you have to buy groceries and cleaning products anyway and your family can potentially have a really cheap, perhaps even free, day out from it. You will often find that you are rewarded with special deals just for users to the scheme too – why wouldn’t you want to be a part of that?

Do you have any tips for living frugally?

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